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Maurice Rickard

Serial band-starter Maurice Rickard has been a musician and composer for over 30 years, performing live improvised electroacoustic music to audiences in galleries, cafes, arts festivals, schools, bowling alleys, bars, dive bars, and alternative community arts organizations. Much of his work has involved electronics, sometimes processing his own live playing (guitar, ukulele, electronics) or others, sometimes with self-contained electronic sound sources. He's worked in large ensembles of guitar players, including Glenn Branca's Symphony 13 (both versions, both in Tenor 1) and written for his own (much smaller) groups of players.

He's created audio installations for the first and second International Conferences on Deep Listening (2013 and 2014), the Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland Ohio, the PRFBBQ in Chicago Illinois, the South Bend Regional Museum of Art, an arts festival in the depressed former steel-making community of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (for which he was awarded a production grant from Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts), and the Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery in Pittsburgh.

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<a href="">The Fireside Bowl, Chicago, 7/20/03 by Maurice Rickard</a>

<a href="">Cloud 1 (based on A440 and related Dream Chords) by Maurice Rickard</a>

Live at the Thunderbird Cafe, November 9 2011, released 01/24/2012
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Music for Dance, released 06/26/2005
Music for Dance, Part I
Music for Dance, Part II
Music for Dance, Part III
Music for Dance, Part IV
Music for Dance, Part V
Music for Dance, Part VI
Music for Dance, Part VII (desert uke intro)
Music for Dance, Part VIII (desert uke) (mp3 free download)
Music for Dance, Part IX (outro)
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Tell Ya One Thing And Then Some, released 05/14/2005
Tell Ya One Thing (mp3 sample)
Tell Ya Another [remix] (mp3 sample)
You Must Be Completely Satisfied (mp3 sample)
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"Bushwhacker" single, released 10/24/2004

Here at onezero we're counting down to election day, so here's another Bush-based piece to clear out the sample backlog before they become obsolete. I'd been trying to get a good performance of this piece since February, and going through my show at the Eye this past summer, I realized that I finally did have one. So here you go; knock yourself out.

Bushwhacker (mp3 sample)
"Scimitar Dance (for Steffi Brüninghaus)" single, released 09/21/2004

It has indeed been a while since I've released something. This track, recorded live on June 19, 2004, is one of those tracks I just can't stop listening to, so I'm putting it out. My friend Steffi is a belly dancer, and we'd talked about collaborating on something. So I did this piece for her dance recital, and it went a lot better than we expected. The dance itself was quite dramatic--she included the titular sword in her dance, balancing it on her head, and ending the dance with a drop--the sword still balanced. Very impressive. And the music went well enough that I'm working on doing more music for dance.

Scimitar Dance (for Steffi Brüninghaus) (mp3 sample)
"Bush League" single, released 01/31/2004

It's an election year, so I'm unable to restrain myself. This piece was recorded live at my Re:PULSE show on January 27, 2004. I've edited five minutes out of the original performance, so it's distilled to extra strength. You'll experience plunderphonic political satire, dark ambient drones, and even some fractured IDM breakbeats. (I've updated the free sample to be more representative of the track, too.)

This track is in three sections: in the first, the speech samples are all condensed from recent speeches, extracting instances (and surrounding phrases) of the terms "Iraq," "America," "Terror," etc. The second section is a bit freer with the samples and includes some phrases edited together, and the last section builds on the instrumental aspects of the second.

Just $0.89! Perfect for those households pinched by the Bush II Downturn!

Bush League (mp3 sample)
Circuits of Steel Tour 2003: Chicago, St. Louis, Muncie, released 10/27/2003
Chicago (mp3 sample)
St. Louis (mp3 sample)
Muncie (mp3 sample)
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Guitar Clouds, released 06/27/2003
Cloud 1 (based on A440 and related Dream Chords) (mp3 sample)
Cloud 2 (based on E330) (mp3 sample)
Tone Beating (glitch version) (mp3 sample)
Cloud 3 (for R, R, G, and G) (mp3 sample)
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