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Death Pig

Death Pig is Maurice Rickard's dark ambient no-input project--many effects boxes are connected in a big loop, with the output of the last going into the input of the first. (A couple of them have two outputs, one of which is the output of the loop.) The end result? Feedback. Difficult to control, difficult to repeat, and utterly unworldly, like some vintage synth from another planet, traversing odd, haunting landscapes, punctuated by garbled radio transmissions, and, yes, the occasional snort. Hear that? The Death Pig is calling you.

<a href="">Adjustment by Death Pig</a>

Death Pig (Live, July 2, 2003), released 11/18/2003
Adjustment (mp3 sample)
Exoskeleton (mp3 sample)
Gravity Well (mp3 sample)
The Death Pig (mp3 sample)
Dream Infiltrator/Dance Instructor (mp3 sample)
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