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snwv studies the music of the sine wave.

snwv started as my project to create ambient environments from finely tuned software-generated sine waves. Now it includes those, other kinds of oscillators, processors for live inputs (guitar, other instruments, ambient microphones, feedback). Some patches are focused on the oscillators, some on delays, some on controlled amounts of randomness. Results range from gentle ambience to chaos.

Since mid-March 2020 and the beginning of social isolation/lockdown, I've been performing an ambient improvisation with guitar and Max/MSP, every Monday at 8PM EDT, and streaming it live at

Archives of past performances are available to stream here, and can be purchased or downloaded for free at bandcamp:

6/24/17: A live over-the-internet performance of the Max/MSP patch and Bastl Kastle synth for the Memphis Concrète festival--includes dynamic signal degradation, and a first time for streaming from the home studio.

3/19/17: The third annual Oscillate: Pittsburgh synthesis festival included a short snwv set, again with Moog guitar, and introducing the Bastl Kastle synth into the setup.

2/18/17: A long and very ambient Moog guitar + Max/MSP + microphone set by the indoor swimming pool at PRF Thundersnow 2017, in Escanaba, MI:

1/28/17: A house show at Evaton Technologies headquarters offered an opportunity to burn in the new snwv Max/MSP patch--includes Moog guitar, wah pedal, and Reuss RF-01 Repeater Fuzz.

8/9/16: snwv performed again at the Black Forge Coffeehouse, in a set opening for Duluth's Tim Kaiser. A newly debugged Pd patch sounds rather different here:

5/19/16: snwv feedback performance at the appropriately-named Howlers.

Comments: Feel free to email, like the snwv page on FB.

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