The Unindicted Co-Conspirators: Lady of Pain: Live, June 2, 2003

This is my duo with performance artist and accordionist Steve Pellegrino. We're putting both the electric guitar and the electric accordion through the PowerBook for processing, with Steve's throat singing as the secret weapon. The processing consists of multiple delays, all but one of which were ring modulated with control frequencies justly intonated to the key we were in--the effect is very powerful. The title track is what we call a Cubist version of "Lady of Spain," and the third track prominently features the throat singing. (To me it seems like it would be a good soundtrack for a film about 21st-century Nepal or something.)

This performance was our first live set, and it was quite special. Only a few lucky people saw this, but now you can check it out yourself.

The onezero version of this release contains an additional graphic on the insert.

Lady of Pain: Live, June 2, 2003, released 06/02/2003
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