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Maurice Rickard: Guitar Clouds

This set went so well, I had to release it. It's the fulfillment of what I've been trying to do with the new software I'm using. Like the Unindicted Co-Conspirators disc, this one's mostly live playing through multiple ring-modulated delays, although I throw a few samples in here and there, including some beats for the kids.

The first piece is purely ambient guitar, and (new for me) also includes some ring modulator frequencies arranged in one of La Monte Young's dream chords (as described in the liner notes to The Second Dream of the High-Tension Step-Down Transformer. The second piece begins as an ambient piece, but I do drop in some beats and samples. The third one's a glitchy version of "Tone Beating"--glitchy because I left some samples in (Classic Mode) BackToBasics in addition to using (OS X) Girl for the guitar processing, and any time I did anything in OS X that required a window redraw, Classic Mode audio would be interrupted. Still, the piece worked out, and Patricia tells me that she thinks it's the best thing I've done. (Ironic, because I see it as a poorly executed version of this piece...but the atmosphere does work.) The last piece is a quickie that I did for the benefit of some late arrivals. Overall, the evening worked. And now you can hear it.

The onezero version of this release contains an additional graphic on the insert.

<a href="">Cloud 1 (based on A440 and related Dream Chords) by Maurice Rickard</a>

Guitar Clouds, released 06/27/2003
Cloud 1 (based on A440 and related Dream Chords) (mp3 sample)
Cloud 2 (based on E330) (mp3 sample)
Tone Beating (glitch version) (mp3 sample)
Cloud 3 (for R, R, G, and G) (mp3 sample)
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