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Death Pig: Death Pig (Live, July 2, 2003)

It's feedback, feedback, and more feedback. In fact, it's all feedback--a bunch of effect pedals in a big feedback loop. I did the show as a one-off to fill a slot, and chose the name "Death Pig" to denote its structural and tactical differences from my other work. And here I can't stop listening to the damned thing, so I figured I'd put it out.

Instruments used: EH Graphic Fuzz, EH Frequency Analyzer, Digitech 2-second sampler, Line6 DL4 delay, Ibanez Digital Modulation Delay. The dry out of the Ibanez went through an FMR Audio RNC before going to the board. Recorded direct to MiniDisc.

(If you dig it, check out Arcane Device, particularly the Engines of Myth reissue. It was at one of his shows on the Engines of Myth tour that I first encountered this wonderful means of noisemaking.)

<a href="">Adjustment by Death Pig</a>

Death Pig (Live, July 2, 2003), released 11/18/2003
Adjustment (mp3 sample)
Exoskeleton (mp3 sample)
Gravity Well (mp3 sample)
The Death Pig (mp3 sample)
Dream Infiltrator/Dance Instructor (mp3 sample)
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