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8/9/16: snwv performed again at the Black Forge Coffeehouse, in a set opening for Duluth's Tim Kaiser. A newly debugged Pd patch sounds rather different here:

5/19/16: snwv feedback performance at the appropriately-named Howlers.

1/2/16: snwv feedback performance at the Black Forge.


11/06/15: snwv performance from November 2015 is available on Bandcamp:

11/06/15: snwv performance from November 2015 is available on Bandcamp:

7/28/14: snwv performance from July 2014 is available on Bandcamp:

And, because anything worth listening to is worth listening to more slowly, here it is at 1/4-speed:

7/19/14: We've been adding music quietly, and most sales are now handled by the excellent site bandcamp:

There's been interesting snwv activity in the last year or so, with three installations--one, released as Impulse, involved sonifying a bubble-wrap installation, and two were at the first and second annual International Conferences on Deep Listening at EMPAC at RPI, in Troy NY.

A rare live snwv performance is slated for Sunday, July 27, at the Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh, opening for the KBD Trio, with 8cylinder and AA Arm. 5PM--it's early.

Maurice Rickard continues compositional and recording musical activity, both on SoundCloud and with a weekly composition and recording output. Some of these will probably coalesce into a collection.

Keep on listening.

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